co-op fun

Yesterday was the perfect day to spend some time on the west side of town: home of athen’s towniest townies. After adventuring through some pretty brick allies, bookstores and historic neighborhoods I stopped by Daily’s co-op: athen’s premiere organic, fair trade market. In my exploration I learned a little about the mission of cooperative markets. To my surprise I found that co-ops are owned and run exclusively by their members who contribute not only funding but also all of the products found on the store’s shelf. how cool. Most everything in the store is grown locally, non-GMO and organic (meaning more expensive) but well worth the buck to support keeping Athens local. Daily’s serves local coffee and tea, homemade sandwiches, juices, and deli options (including some stellar salads) and aisles of unique ingredients. Definitely recommend this Athens spot!Image^^Some of this season’s produce: ginger, garlic, potatoes. a full list is featured on their site:


^^ too pretty and colorful not to capture


^^ not only sustainable but also beautiful. i love the look of this unique spot


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