Step Out : Jose Gonzalez

game changer.


wrapper’s paradise

I went on a bit of a wrapping spree this holiday season. I find that when faced with options, I tend to buy every type of wrapping paper offered. its a fetish.

I bought all my fun wrapping paper at marshalls this year, i found some great deals. I always use packing brown paper for a simple and classic look. this year i wrapped boxes in a patterned paper and then cut a band of contrasting paper to wrap around the center with a bow around the band.

and i loved this dainty little string to tie up presents with, gives it a homemade look. Oh how i love this season!

little christmas projects

thanksgiving is over and that means one thing: its time for christmas — and with no objections from the thanksgiving spotlight advocates!

today we went on a little adventure to the tree farm and picked out  the perfect tree.  after we posed with the snowmen (proudly in our twenties) then took it home! Then mom and I adventured into our two boxes of whimsy (the rest are stored from moving) and began our day of decoration, and I only broke three candy canes and two strands of lights, success !

posted are a few pics of our DIY christmas decor projects in progress–