snow day in asheville!

last week some friends and I decided to take a day trip from athens —> asheville. after an early morning of driving, coffee and car games (terrible car games) asheville welcomed us with SNOW !! we spent most of the day exploring local bookstores and boutiques (and urban outfitters !), and most important of all: eateries. We ate breakfast at a cute little gluten-free bakery/cofeehouse called the green sage in the heart of downtown. If ever you’re in asheville, this is a prime people watching spot. you’ll find the coolest people asheville has to offer all somehow collected in this small space. after some more snow fun and cold hands we decided to warm up (and did we warm up) with a local spot called dobra tea. this place was the coolest — and potentially hottest — place in asheville. a local tea joint, it features a small chapter book of tea varieties and bakery items from across the world. And even greater, you’re seated Moroccan style on floor cushions accompanied by a little bell for when you’re ready to order. super eclectic and relaxing. After sightseeing every corner of the city we headed back to athens. a three hour trip well worth the day!Image ^^ our beautiful presentation of personalized tea pots (and our little bell.. which we may have abused)Image^^pardon the lighting, but how fun is this set-upImage^^ every corner of this town is so uniqueImage^ SNOW! pretty to watch but when it comes to walking on it, things were a lot less gracefulImage^^a local chocolate shop with a window into the decorator’s studio. ImageImage^^green sage. i ordered a lox omelette with a local sweet potato hash. perfection.Image^^pretty boutique window displays, what a dream